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Employee wellbeing and corporate wellness platform.

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—    Integrated with payment gateway


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Being committed to increasing employee wellbeing, the UAE Ministry of Interior's objective was to transform the existing platform using the industry best practices to sustain the growth of the userbase and provide an exceptional experience to its members.

Fazaa platform has more than 300.000 users, providing various services, using geolocation, purchases, service requests, and so on.


In partnership with the UAE Ministry of Interior, the Code Reflect team led the technical, architectural, and production initiatives of a “Fazaa” project.

Over two months, we worked to create secure and scalable infrastructure, re-engineer legacy APIs and implement IOS and Android apps. The web and mobile applications were successfully delivered and deployed on production.

The developed platform allowed users to access discounts and benefits when leasing cars, booking trips or airplane tickets and other numerous services.


Designed push button software development workflows: CI/CD with dev/stage/production environments, integration with 3rd party tools and services.


Re-engineered legacy system by using the thin-slice approach of implementing feature verticals.


Multilingual mobile apps for iOS and Android using React Native cross-platform framework.


Payment gateway integration.


Visa prepaid API integration.


SSO with internal systems.


Spring Boot

Restful API


Geolocation and full-text search



React Native

IOS/Android apps


Web app


Distributed lock and message broadcast system

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