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You share your idea. We get it done.

——    We build software for SMBs, governments, and enterprises globally. Product ideation, infrastructure management, UX/UI, web, and mobile application development.

What’s your goal today?

Define and deliver technology, strategy & architecture modernisation.

How we work

Know what to expect before our first call.

  • How can we start a project together?

    We set up a few initial meetings with you to discuss your goals, vision, timeline, and budget. Together with your team, we explore your business needs so we can provide you with insights, overall cost, and help plan the work.

    —    Business case evaluation

    —    Roadmap

    —    Architecture blueprint

    —    Risks and opportunities

    —    TCO estimation

    —    Compliance

  • How do you manage communication?

    On engagement, we establish communication patterns: daily stand-ups, retrospectives, and weekly reporting. We provide complete transparency throughout the entire process so you're never left in the dark.

    —    Communication channels: Slack, Zoom and Email

    —    Efficient and shared understanding of processes

  • What industries do you specialize in?

    A most of our clients are small and medium-sized enterprises, companies, and venture-backed startups who build SaaS, healthcare and financial services solutions. We get the best outcomes when work directly with founders to redefine the roadmap and together design the best solution possible.

    —    Healthcare

    —    Fintech

    —    Government

    —    Automotive

  • How do you price your services?

    We offer our clients a number of different pricing structures, including fixed project price, hourly rates, and monthly retainers for development and maintainace services.

  • Do you accept equity in exchange for work?

    We do, but only on occasion. In general, we invest in one startup per year after working with that business for around six months before that. It's also always a cash/equity split, rather than just equity in exchange for our services. For equity, we ask for what most early-stage investors and accelerators do.

Engagement Models
Time & material

Our software engineers and QA specialists join your development team to increase project velocity. Together we brief the newly created team and kick-off the engagement. Our capacity is flexible, meaning that you can adjust your team size as your business grows.

Self-managed team

On an engagement, we assemble a cross-functional team responsible for the entire project. This model is perfect for long-term projects and companies looking to reduce time-to-market by employing battle-tested team. Our project managers keep a transparent flow of information with reports about risks, opportunities, and all stages of the software development process. We manage to work across different time zones, using Slack and Zoom.

Who we work with

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies, governments and emerging startups.

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