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Build your idea from scratch.

No matter you need to craft the idea for a completely new product or evaluate the quality of an already existing one - we're here to help you. We work together with your team, collaborating closely to ensure that you are building the right product all while building on top of a strong technical foundation.

Custom software development services.

Build, launch, and scale new products, services & businesses.

Native and hybrid
mobile apps

Design & build architecture, user flow, UX, and UI of your mobile app. Prepare your app for app store approval.

web experiences

Custom websites, web applications and high-load web systems and interfaces of any complexity and scale.

Integrations with
third-party APIs

Integrate your app with third-party APIs (e.g. Twilio, Mailchimp, Stripe) or specialized systems (FHIR, HL7).

Custom IoT

Custom IoT apps based on LoRaWAN, BLE, WiFi, ETHERNET. Device management, data processing, alerting and dashboards.


Put in place infrastructure that is secure, high-performing, robust, and efficient for your applications and workloads.


Efficient implementations of high throughput applications. Service oriented and event driven solutions.

Work process.

From inception to completion.


Discovery phase

We start with the product discovery phase. Together with your team we align on product strategy. Then, we work on defining desired outcomes, resources and timeframes.

Risks and opportunities
Desired outcomes
Release plan and cost estimate
Technical architecture


Product prototyping

We will assess your concept and business goals, assist you in the product ideation process, design and construct high fidelity prototypes, and give early feedback in order to prepare for the release of an MVP.

Empathy maps / Customer Jorneys
High fidelity wireframes
Clickthrough prototype


Build the thing right

Our senior engineers take care of infrastructure and the most critical parts of the codebase. Then, we implement business logic and establish push button deployments.

Training & knowledge transfer


Maintenance and Enhancement

We will maintain what we develop, ensuring that it continues to function properly over time, and add new features as required.

Industry standards compliance.

Governance and Security.

We prioritize and implement the appropriate policies and procedures to ensure corporate and client data protection in accordance with GDPR for our European clients at the outset of every cooperation. We also work together to fully understand any other rules and regulations (e.g. HIPAA) that our customers may need to comply with.

Work patterns.

Reliable and predictable by design.

—    Lean product development

—    Evolutionary architecture

—    User-centered design

—    Twelve-factor app

—    CI & CD pipelines

—    Twelve-factor app

The tools we use.

Technology is constantly changing, and so are we.

We choose our technologies based on whether it is the best fit for the project. While we like exploring cutting-edge technology, we make our choices based on rational analysis, not on transitory trends. We utilize Kotlin, Java, React, React Native, and Elixir in most of our projects.

—    Kotlin, Java, Rust, Golang

—    AWS, Bluemix, Bare metal

—    React Native, Swift, Android

—    Postgres, Couchbase, Elasticsearch

—    React, Angular, HTML5/CSS3

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