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Healthcare apps
and integrations.

Hire HIPAA-compliant software developers to create diagnostic tools, patient portals, and other HIPAA-compliant applications.

Unique HIPAA compliant solutions.

Code Reflect offers managed application development services that help healthcare organizations in developing patient-facing, vendor-specific, or administrative solutions. Our customized software solutions for hospitals and independent physicians can help increase operational efficiency, streamline billing, and result in improved patient outcomes.

Our software developers have worked on a variety of healthcare applications, including the following:

  • —    Internet of Medical Things

  • —    Health and wellness apps

  • —    Self-diagnosis and symptom checker apps

  • —    End-to-end secure chat

  • —    Preventive care

  • —    Disease management applications

  • —    Assisted living facilities

  • —    Automation of Repetitive Tasks

Our capabilities.

Custom HIPAA-compliant
applications and services

Our software developers have an experience in building software that complies with GDPR and HIPAA standards. We construct custom, secure systems, making sure users' data is protected and private.

  1. Mobile Healthcare Applications
    We develop HIPAA compliant mobile health apps backed by HL7 or FHIR APIs, including mFHAST and cMHAFF standards for defining the security, privacy, data access, data export, and transportation of messages.
  2. Wearables applications and integrations
    Capture the activity data from sensors, wearables and consumer equipment to deliver on-demand health monitoring services for remote patients and seamlessly integrate it with a healthcare system such as an EHR or custom-built API.
  3. End-to-End Encrypted Chat
    We custom build HIPAA compliant chat apps to support conversations between doctors, patients, and their care team.

Secure FHIR, HL7 integrations

We design, develop and manage HL7 v2/v3 interfaces conforming to the required standards, specifications and formats.

  1. HL7 Third-Party Integrations
    We integrate with interface engines, including eClinicalWorks, Mirth (Connect), Cerner (OPENLink), and more.
  2. HL7 Viewer Programming
    We build manual and automated HL7 test software to verify the message and ensure the stability of the network architecture built around the LLP, MLLP, HLLP and TCP / IP protocols.
  3. HL7 Interface Development
    We develop HL7 interface engines to standardize communications across clinical programs and promote systematic data exchange between healthcare providers.
  4. FHIR API Development
    Design and construct FHIR APIs using open source FHIR-HAPI framework.
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