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Modernize your
core technology.

Legacy software deteoriates over time consuming much energy, budget and human resources. A major issue for organizations is cost that comes with improper maintainance. Changes that could be done in couple of days, now will take much more. Technical debt accumulates even more with each new change. There are various reasons for this condition, and many are easy to recognize:

Inability to implement
new regulatives



delivery milestones

Hard to
make estimates

Expensive to

Choose your way.

Legacy modernization services.

Legacy to cloud

Migrate your applications to the cloud to take advantage of scalability and elasticity, reduced operational effort, on-demand provisioning and automation.


Rebuild your aging software while keeping its scope and reshape it with new microservices to improve your system's availability and scalability.


Reduce technical debt, increase performance, and scale your current legacy applications by improving its existing code.

UI/UX audit
and modernization

UI-based digital consolidation can radically alter user workflow. By mapping the user experience, we can create a front-end that is both technically and user-efficient.


Upgrade system components and framework libraries to most recent versions. Resolve compatibility issues and prevent exposing your system to security vulnerabilities.

Legacy software

When there is a risk involved with architectural changes, software maintenance and support may be the best alternative.

A way to begin your change.

Legacy modernization in 4 steps.

How to approach legacy software modernization to make it a success? We break down every modernization project in five steps, each determining the solution renovation success.


Legacy software assessment

We assess the overall system's strengths and weaknesses in order to help the team come up with a workable modernisation plan.

Reviewing legacy code
Analyzing functional characteristics
Security audit
Measuring usage rates
Calculating TCO


Modernization strategy selection

We help you choose the best modernization strategy based on your needs, budget, industry trends, and technological capabilities.

Modernization project budgeting
Defining the modernization scope
Plan a road map for application modernization
Assessing risks and recommending activities


Evolve slice by slice

Break things down to thin slices, reduce complexity and iterate quickly and continually.

Orchestrating the modernization
Delivering detailed documentation
Setting up change management processes
Testing the renovated solution
Getting user feedback


Sunset deprecated functions

Incrementally sunset unused apps, functionalities and integrations.

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