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Level up your
talent and team.

Code Reflect's team of experienced consultants is available to complement your workforce on a short- or long-term basis if you don't have those hands already in-house.

Our process.

Add an extra development muscle for your projectss.

  • Tell us about your challenges and business goals

    At Code Reflect, the first thing we do is talk with your organization to determine your IT staffing needs, including the number of developers you need, the needed skills and certifications, and the expertise required. Ultimately, it's our responsibility to understand what your organization wants and then execute on it.

  • We hire and onboard your team

    After identifying your company's needs, the next step is to put together your team. We choose developers from our in-house talent pool and then from other networks as needed. As a result of the COVID19 situation, we became a remote-first firm, and all future employees and teams will work from home.

  • Together we brief the newly created team

    Your tailor-made squad is ready to work. Organizing a kick-off meeting: introducing the client, discussing the terms of cooperation, and setting.

  • Scale up or down as necessary

    You, as our customer, always have the opportunity to expand or reduce the team to meet your needs.

The package deal that is being offered

Assemble team in 4-8 weeks

Top software engineers will be screened, hired, and onboarded by experienced recruiters and tech leads. You can rely on them to meet both your business and engineering requirements.

HR and team retention

Code Reflect's onboarding process is simple and easy. We promote positive culture and enable your unique culture thrive and mirror your setup to provide a seamless experience.

Project manager

Your dedicated project manager will connect and manage your dedicated team effectively. You will have 24/7 access to Jira and get timely status reports as well as scheduled calls with the team.

Back-office support

While you're concentrating on your business, we'll handle your team's legal, financial, and administrative needs.

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